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Robyn Davidson’s international bestseller about her arduous but rewarding nine-month trek through the Australian outback has been brought to the screen with impeccable craftsmanship and considerable sensitivity in “Tracks.” Anchored by a fine and flinty performance from Mia Wasikowska, director John Curran’s gorgeously rendered adventure saga succeeds not only in capturing the harshness and wild beauty of Davidson’s journey, but also in mapping a delicate interior pathway into the heart of this most atypical explorer.Prestigious fall festival berths should help court critical attention and discerning sales interest for this classy production en route to a solid arthouse destination.But it’s hard to imagine either of them being as dustily convincing in the role as Wasikowska, who here looks as if the casting directors might have actually found her blowing through the desert.As Robyn’s journey progresses, she almost seems to blend with the landscape around her: her face turns sandy pink, while her shoulders become as red and parched as the ground under her feet.Over the course of his four previous features (“Praise,” “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “The Painted Veil” and “Stone”), American-born, Australian-based helmer Curran has proven himself something of a specialist in the behavioral habits of prickly and unpredictable individuals.In this he makes an ideal fit for Davidson’s literary touchstone, a story of self-discovery written by someone whose actions, as presented here, were born of a desperate craving for solitude and a thorough disenchantment with so-called civilized society.Though she accepted help and companionship along the way from the men and women who lived in that wide, sandy expanse, most of her journey was made alone.The first word that springs to mind is “why”, followed by “the” and “heck”, or possibly something stronger, although Tracks won’t furnish you with an answer.

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(Her very visible breakthrough came in Tim Burton’s awful but successful Alice in Wonderland, which, four years on, seems just about worth it.) A film version of Tracks was mooted almost as soon as Davidson’s book was published in 1980, and Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman were both linked to earlier, unrealised versions of the project.“I just want to be by myself,” says Wasikowska’s Robyn when she’s asked why she wants to walk nearly 2,000 miles from the remote northern outpost of Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, with only four hard-earned camels and her faithful dog, Diggity, for company.As set forth in Marion Nelson’s skillful adaptation, which subtly incorporates and speculates on background material not included in the book, Robyn’s battle seems to be less with nature than with other people.Lensed at the beginning of the hot season in the deserts of South Australia and the Northern Territory, “Tracks” further benefits from d.p.Mandy Walker’s magnificently composed and textured widescreen images; the result is a film so persuasive in its aridity (borne out by Robyn’s increasingly disheveled appearance and sun-damaged skin) that it demands to be seen with an ice-cold beverage in hand.

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