Teen dating violence workshop

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“We find with adults, this misconception of, ‘it’s a young relationship, it can’t be important, it can’t be that serious,'” she said.“For young people, these relationships are often their first times experiencing and exhibiting these behaviors so it’s helpful for young peer educators come into and say this is how young people think about relationship this is how you can be a support to them.” Love Johnson, 21, a peer educator in the program who is from St.At the conclusion of the film, participants will be given the opportunity to engage in a discussion about the film with a trained panel and moderator in order to discuss the red flags associated with teen dating violence.Unhealthy relationship behaviors often start early, and lead to a lifetime of abuse.

The presentation includes safety planning tips with steps to take when faced with helping someone who might be in abusive relationship.

“We’ve taken important steps to reduce domestic violence and intimate partner abuse—but no strategy is more effective than prevention,” First Lady Chirlane Mc Cray said in a statement provided to the Observer.

“Act early is a key principle of the mental health roadmap.

That is why we are making sure our vulnerable youth have the skills to maintain healthy relationships, and to leave negative behaviors behind before they develop unhealthy patterns that are tough to break.” People who grew up in a home where there was domestic violence are more likely to become victims or perpetrators of it themselves, studies have shown—and some 5,036 children who received foster care from the city’s Administration for Children’s Services came from homes where domestic violence was an issue.

The new program, dubbed Creating Awareness about Relationship Equality (or CARE), will try to reach those teenagers with nearly 30 workshops every month, taught by fellow young people who will serve as peer educators. I think when you’re dealing with teens, being a teen already is hard, and being a young person in foster care, there are challenges the you have to face,” Nahjee Cook, 25, a peer educator from East New York, said in a telephone interview.

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