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Both are included with most distributions of Linux, and are available through a number of websites including org.

If you want to import chemtool drawings into word processing programs other than La Te X, you will probably want to add a preview bitmap to them, as neither Star Office/Open Office nor that software from Redmond seem to be able to display postscript inserts on screen without them.

For this purpose, using either ps2epsi, which comes with ghostscript, or epstool, a part of gsview is recommended.

The configuration dialog now lists gtklp among the supported print commands.

Chemtool is a small program for drawing chemical structures on Linux and Unix systems using the GTK toolkit under X11.

A short and possibly outdated description of the available functions is available here.

The configuration dialog has been redone and now includes support for kprinter, and the labeling shortcuts no longer interfere with GTK's menu accelerators.

chemtool-1.6.10, sourcecode in format chemtool-1.6.10-1rpm, sourcecode in rpm format chemtool-1.6.10-1.i586

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