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This collection can be searched by first name, last name, school, year, location and keyword. [US Yearbook Collection] US – My Heritage has added a large collection of historic Indiana newspapers.

This new addition consists of some 1 million pages across 44 different Indiana newspapers.

These are baptism, marriage and burial records that span the years from 1537 to 1918.

These records can be searched by first name and last name. [Warwickshire Parish Records] Germany – My Heritage has put online the German minority census of 1938-1939.

A review of the basic structure of spill models, and new developments in specific transport and fate processes; including surface and subsurface transport, spreading, evaporation, dissolution, entrainment and oil droplet size distributions, emulsification, degradation, and sediment oil interaction are presented.

The paper concludes with thoughts on future directions in the field with a primary focus on advancements in handling interactions between Lagrangian elements.

Basically, they are records from the Swedish Lutheran Church.

The parish priest would visit each household once a year and record the vital statistics of each member of the family.

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It specifically lists all individuals who lived in a German household where at least one person in the household had a Jewish grandparent.

This would include such things as recent births, marriages and deaths.

In some ways, Swedish household examination books serve as a basic form of census for the country (the Swedish Lutheran Church actually was the formal census taker for the country right up until 1991).

In other words, yearbooks can provide a unique way of looking at your ancestors.

With this massive update, My Heritage has created one of the largest US yearbook collections in existence.

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