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As Eve got older, she began spending afternoons exercising the herd at Missy Ann Stables, not far from her home in Milton, a working-class town of about 10,000 located along Lake Champlain, some 30 minutes north of Burlington.

Before she could drive a car, Eve was training horses at various barns in the area where seasoned farmhands asked about her knack for taming those with the wildest of temperaments.

Her grandfather had just died of brain cancer, leaving behind a medicine cabinet stocked with the powerful opiate Oxy Contin, a substance Eve understood was prescribed by doctors to "make pain go away." She swallowed one.

The sensation it produced was more seductive than any she had ever felt: Home, she thought. "I could be alone with myself," she says, "and not freak out."Though it was a private solution to private pain, Eve was far from alone in discovering the pleasures of opiates.

If you would like to change your name as an adult, please download the Petition of Adult to Change Name form or pick up a copy at the probate division. If the name change is for a minor, please download a copy of the Petition to Change Name of Minor form.Whether for career preparation or advancement, certification, or personal enrichment, all courses are taught by experts in their fields.Payment: Register by using our online form or downloading and printing a registration form using the links on this Rivait rode her first horse when she was five, too small to get her feet through the stirrups, let alone give the animal a kick that registered.Yet even then, bouncing in the saddle, she was aware that being on the back of a horse provided relief from the boredom and isolation that, for her, were a more dominant part of growing up in Vermont than the snowcapped mountains and autumn foliage that draw millions of tourists to the state each year.

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