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I've also been to Canada and Mexico, Central and South America. I have family in Spain and Italy that I imposed on during my travels.You know they love it when their American niece and cousin show up om their doorstep unannounced needing a place to crash :) I've also backpacked around Great Briton which was a lot of fun Ok, so I like military men, I think it has something to do with the warrior ethos that they are taught.After college I spent 6 months on my own in eastern and South Africa.Too bad I came back with the malaria as a souvenir!I'm sorry but I just love this ladies, there no different than all the girls in the world.It just makes me think of you badly when you think this way, that you're looking for a transsexual girl, not because it's wrong but b/c you're looking for Tgirls.I would definitely consider myself overworked, underpaid and ridiculously over educated.




NO pic & number = NO REPLY..if don't do that an don't get a reply/text don't flag me. The old one crashed too often so I threw his ass out. (14610, NY, Monroe County) I need a new hard drive.I love the idea of my dream military guy teaching me what he know, making me into his own little soldier, and of course I would love to teach my man about emergency medical care, the two of us making a team that learns together, grows together and becomes as close as two people can be. I love deeply, which has led to me being hurt, but I've always weathered the storm.If you are looking for an attractive, loving, yet independent girl to get to meet tranny better that would be me.

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