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Quite apart from the scientific value of the research, which is perhaps best assessed by specialists, I’m concerned with the ethics and privacy aspects.

I am surprised that the paper doesn’t report having been through ethical review; the authors consider that photos on a dating website are public information and appear to assume that privacy issues simply do not arise.

Three years ago the United Nations (UN) estimated around 54% of the world’s population lived in a city. Instead of running transport and heating networks on thermal energies, like coal, oil and gas, many, including the UN, see the most viable solution being electrification. According the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) there is over 14GW of offshore wind in seven markets around the world. Moreover costs continue to fall at a rapid rate, most notably with offshore wind.

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The Economist features face recognition on its front page, reporting that deep neural networks can now tell whether you’re straight or gay better than humans can just by looking at your face.

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