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But I don’t want to lose any of you by you girls getting caught and then being suspended for the season.

So listen, do individual hazing spread over multiple locations tonight.

“I’m also aware that tonight is the big team party where typically hazing occurs.

As you all know, we are getting watched tightly since our school has a reputation of this type of thing.” “By whatever do you mean coach,” Hayden asked in a mock innocent voice. I’m not too far removed from your position so I know it’ll happen no matter what.

No more of these easy victories over lesser schools.

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Gillies serves it up and this time Met U can keep it inbounds but only manage to weakly hit it back to our Highlanders.

And I don’t mean one tit is a D and the other is a D to equal DD…I mean a legit double D bra size.” “Now how did 8 place Highland College grab the top ranked high schooler in the nation?

” “For one, the best recruiter in the nation in the form of Scarlett Johannson.

“And our Highlanders Women Volleyball team are absolutely destroying The Miners here tonight in our team’s final pre-season game.

After storming out to claim the first set with a decisive 25-10 victory, we followed up by heaping further misery on the Northern Californian school with a 25-7 set.

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