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Again, you can also buy this directly from the author by sending a cheque or a postal order for £4.90 to the Monaco address above.These books are also available from Amazon WHERE THE MONEY GOES Figures obtained following a Freedom of Information (Fo I) request to all English local authorities indicates that since 2012, across all council areas, there have been as many as 679 breakdowns within the first year of a placement.Emotional abuse 11,400 12,330 13,640 15,860 16,660 since 2011 !!!Multiple 5,500 5,390 4,870 4,500 4,110 Total 42,700 42,850 43,140 48,300 49,690 Once in court the urgent objective of social workers is to WIN their case come what may as their careers can depend on it, so they produce “hired gun” Professional psychologists/psychiatrists who regularly back them up in the family courts by exaggerating unlikely risks from parents with so called “personality disorders” even if parents have never harmed anyone in their lives !This Gator was brought in because it was blowing out LOTS …

That way social workers can blame judges for the cruelty these actions entail . And if the parents do win in court and are awarded damages they receive nothing as the lawyers take it all and around £200,000 as well for their “costs” Hard to believe this happens in UK?Well every single day, dozens of babies are taken at birth following a prediction of future risk by social workers and their “experts” .This happens despite the fact that by far the worst risk a court can usually take is to put a child into State care as nearly half such children end up in jail or as prostitutes !Also never go to a psychiatrist or worse still a psychologist chosen by the “SS” or the court (legally they should be chosen jointly). It was around the year 2003 that I realised that adoption without parental consent (as it was known then) was being carried out despite opposition from parents fighting in court to keep their children. I therefore created this” forced adoption” site and the term “forced adoption” has passed into current and popular use in the English language ! My book (448 pages) is available at cost price: £8.86 postage by clicking here.They are known as “hired guns” who diagnose “difficult” parents who resist the “SS” with personality disorders and so unfit to care for babies…If we must have these biased judges (who believe predictions from absent experts over live testimony from parents) and prejudiced family courts (L. Thorpe) I CHALLENGE any judge to name just one situation that could justify the vile practice of authorising the taking of babies at birth from sane law abiding mothers for “RISK” of emotional abuse and then giving these babies and young children up for adoption by complete strangers . TO FORTUNE TELLERS AT THE FAIR GROUND AS THEY HAVE CRYSTAL BALLS, TAROT CARDS, AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE THAT JUDGES AND SOCIAL WORKERS DO NOT !! Or DOWNLOAD A PDF VERSION FREE OF CHARGE If you don’t have a credit card you can buy a copy directly from the author by sending a cheque or a postal order payable to Ian Josephs for £8.86 to: Ian Josephs HLI 20 Avenue de Fontvieille MC 98000 Monaco A SHORT EDITION of my book (200 pages) is now also available at cost price: £4.90 postage (or download for free) by clicking here.

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