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This not only diverts the attention of the teacher but also brings a bad name to this once the most respected profession.

If it is ensured that a teacher gets enough financial benefits with which he can lead a decent life, he will then be in a position to invest all his energies in doing justice to his profession.

Due to absence of official accommodation majority of the time of a teacher is spent in finding an accommodation, which he can afford.

It has been observed that when finally a teacher finds an accommodation his next transfer is almost due.

The number of groups within an educational institution is equivalent to the number of political parties in our country.

These groups fight among themselves the way our politicians fight on the national scene due to which they are never able to play their positive role.

In this article we will be discussing the problems being faced by both the Teachers and Students in our education system.

is one of those very few countries where the system of education has constantly eroded since independence.

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It is a human nature that it takes time to accustom to any new environment.This in majority of cases engulf the student community too, which makes things worst.Due to lack of realistic investment in our educational institutions since independence, the pressure on schools has increased many folds.The salary of our teacher is quite meager and is not enough to lead a decent life and support a healthy family.Dues to this majority of teachers resort to a number of ways and means to supplement their income.

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