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Whether you’re visiting a museum, lounging in a park or playing a round of golf, Decatur will help you and your new lady create lasting memories together.Coming in at #14 is Ithaca, New York, which also came in at #18 on our list of the 19 Best Small Cities for Single Millennial Women.It seems like this city is just perfect for everyone, and the men who know there are 996 more single women would have to agree!

Another college town makes our list of the 25 Best Small Cities for Single Senior Men, and we think the youthful vibe of Lawrence might be one of the reasons why.

“The Model City,” also known as wonderful Anniston, Alabama, is home to the Anniston Museum of Natural History, but it’s also home to 1,085 more single women than single men.

We like your chances here just as much as we like the city and all it has to offer!

Corvalis, Oregon is #15 on our list of the 22 Best College Towns for Dating, but today we’re recognizing this awesome city for another reason — being one of the best places for single senior men. Located in southwest New York state, not only will Elmira help you find the love you’ve always dreamed of (single women outnumber single men by 703), but this quaint city will also help you keep those memories alive once you’ve found it.

Who knew a city that’s perfect for college students could also be perfect for mature men seeking a mature partner? Barley beating out Elmira with 704 more single women than men is Kankakee, Illinois, a fun city with an equally fun name, which is said to come from the Miami-Illinois word “teeyaahkiki,” meaning: “Open country/exposed land/land in open/land exposed to view.” Take advantage of the open country and find yourself a great date!

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