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Nevertheless, this financing system ensured a relatively consistent and sizable stream of domestic films.After its independence in 1991, though, Moldova’s film industry collapsed along with the Soviet Union.Moscow ceased financing Moldova’s cinema, and with the crises of economic collapse, massive unemployment, and territorial separatism in Găgăuzia and Transnistria, the Moldovan government had little concern for the fate of its film industry.It soon suspended all state funding for film productions, bringing Moldova’s film industry practically to a halt (Mihai Poiată, personal contact, 10 August 2016).Asso Moldave nasce nel 2004,libera con finalità morali,culturale.Nostro obiettivo e dare assistenza su richiesta per l’inserimento nel mondo del lavoro.

Third, I will examine Moldovan films produced in the last ten years and discern a number of trends emerging in this body of cinematic works.At first blush, we might feel inclined to accept this assertion.After all, Moldova’s cinema was virtually nonexistent in the 1990s, and some have joked that the correct measure for the country’s cinematic output during that decade was not how many films it made in a year, but how many years it took to make a film (Horton 1999).Finally, I will conclude by considering the future directions of Moldovan cinema, both in the domain of cinema scholarship and film production.To be sure, this study is intended as only an introduction of some key works and figures, and I recognize that much more research on the topic remains to be done, especially regarding films made before 1991.

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