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A summary of the excavations carried out in this area is included at Table I at the end of this article.

Archaeology in the Holy Lands has made a number of important findings.

Regarding this, Kaswalder has noted that previously the American and Israeli school of biblical archaeology saw archaeology as proof of the veracity of the biblical stories, as can be seen in the work of authors of the stature of William F. There are many points of view regarding the exact extent of this area, however, biblical archaeology specifically concentrates on the Land of Israel, Palestine and Jordan, the area called the southern Levant.

Many researchers are also interested in other areas that are mentioned in the biblical tales and which have a great importance for their connecting thread: Egypt, Syria and Mesopotamia which are of interest to scientists interested in the Tanakh.

The two schools are not separate units but form a continuum, making it difficult to define different camps and limits.

However, it is possible to define points of difference, although these differences seem to be decreasing over time.

Wood found a number of ambiguities in the investigations and he also pointed to results of carbon 14 tests on a burnt stratum that dated the layer to 1410 BC, with a margin of error of 40 years.Vicente Vilar expands on this point by stating that archaeology is both art and science: as an art it searches for the material remains of ancient civilizations and tries to reconstruct, as far as possible, the environment and the organizations of one or many historical epochs; It might be thought that archaeology would have to disregard the information contained within religions and many philosophical systems.However, apart from the great deal of factual material that they provide such as places of worship, holy objects and other scientifically observable things, there are other aspects that are equally important for scientific archaeological investigation such as religious texts, rites, customs and traditions.Asia Minor, Macedonia, Greece and Rome have greater connections with the stories from the New Testament.In the same way that the spatial criteria vary according to the various points of view of the different researchers, there are also a variety of dates that are of interest.

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